Tired of all the quandaries of modern civilization, a group of backpackers ended up breaking away and settled in Laa, a forest with a temperate climate. Despite the initial problems that come with individuals trying to figure out how to live with each other, any tempers that flared were quickly put out by the abundance of a certain plant that permeates the forest, keeping everyone in a state of permanent bliss and intensified sensation. Over generations, their seclusion and closeness has caused them to develop the ability to mutually share feelings.

A pair of booklets comprise a traveler's guide to the Land of Laa to supplement an exercise in the development of a fictional culture and their language, which is expressed with open knots.

credits: student work produced at mica; design by sarah tan; language/concept developed with celi monroe, gwen richards and dani go(illustrations) under the guidance of abe burickson


The Land of Laa


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